4 Ways To Avoid Bloating

What exactly is bloating, anyway?

“Bloating is due to an increase in air or gas in the abdominal area,” explains Leslie Bonci, RD, founder of Active Eating Advice. “This can cause a feeling of hardness, swelling, and pain.” It can even cause clothing to feel tight in the abdominal region that normally fit just fine.

It’s time to get rid of that nasty, bloated feeling once and for all.

While there’s may still be some secrets behind your bloating, we asked Bonci to share with us some of her top tips for avoiding bloat.

Try using her advice to help give your stomach some relief.

1. Drink lots of fluids

It’s important to make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day, especially when it’s warmer and you have a better chance of getting dehydrated. “Being dehydrated can make one feel bloated,” explains Bonci. “And once you’re sub-hydrated, there is delayed gastric emptying, so you may feel uncomfortable, too."

2. Be wary of lactose foods

While some individuals might not have an issue with it, many, including those who aren’t even lactose intolerant, may feel bloated after eating or drinking things like ice cream, yogurt, or milk. “If you get bloated from eating these, you can try eating a smaller amount, using lactase pills or drops prior to ingestion, or taking it out of your diet altogether,” suggests Bonci.

3. Don’t overdo it with fruit

Fruit is healthy—don’t get us wrong. But if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, you may be overly sensitive to fructose. Therefore, you may want to watch how much you eat. “Try eating less fruit at a time,” suggest Bonci, “or eat fruit as part of a meal instead of by itself.”

4. Keep your mouth closed when you eat

What? It may seem silly, but taking in too much air when you’re eating can actually be a contributor to bloat. “Ingesting too quickly, using a straw, or chewing gum with your mouth open can actually add more air into your system, which can cause you to feel bloated,” says Bonci. “Try eating slower and keeping your mouth closed.”

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