Anesthesia Dream

Anesthesia Dream Contact Lenses. Dream collection from Anesthesia has four trendy shades

Which colors are available in Anesthesia Dream collection?

Anesthesia Dream collection has a unique range of shades with a soft limbal ring for a defined look. The colors Hazel, Blue, Gray, Green are the picks on the list.

Why is the Anesthesia Dream contact lens collection so popular?

Anesthesia Dream collection features four unique blends of natural looking shades. These beautiful colors accented by a defined limbal ring that offers depth and beauty to your eyes. These lenses retain moisture for a longer duration along with UV protection. They are comfortable for daily wear and allows more oxygen to pass through the eyes. Anesthesia lenses are very popular in the Middle East including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other GCC countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and even in Europe.

How are Anesthesia Dream contact lenses sold?

Anesthesia Dream contact lenses are sold as a pack of 2 lenses for both eyes. Anesthesia Dream lenses are also available with powers/grades for customers. Check your most recent medical prescription before selecting the power. All customers including makeup addicts and fashion bloggers looking to buy Anesthesia lenses only for color, select Plano as the power option.

How long can Anesthesia Dream contact lenses be worn for?

Anesthesia Dream contact lenses can be worn daily for up to 6 months. is one of the few online contact lens stores to offer Dream collection along with three other collections from Anesthesia with free express delivery* to USA, UK, Spain, and across the Middle East.

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