Bella Natural

Bella Natural Contact Lenses come in 9 gorgeous shades and are loved by customers across USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Middle East including UAE, KSA, Turkey, and Oman.

Why is the Bella Natural collection so popular?

Bella Natural collection from Bella contact lenses feature nine natural-looking shades. These beautiful colors not only provide depth and beauty to your eyes but are also super comfortable to wear. They allow more oxygen to pass through the eyes while also offering UV protection. Bella lenses are very popular in the Middle East including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and in western countries including, USA, Canada, Australia UK, and most of Europe.

Which colors are available in Bella Natural collection?

This collection has a unique combination of two-tone shades like gray and green, brown and hazel, blue and yellow with a defined pupil opening. The colors include Bella Natural Green Yellow, Bella Natural Cool Hazel, Bella Natural Gray Blue, Bella Natural Green, Bella Natural Cool Blue, Bella Natural Cool Gray, Bella Natural Gray, Bella Natural Hazel, Bella Natural Viola Gray.

How does the Natural collection compare with other Bella collections?

Bella Elite Collection: This latest collection from Bella is also a top-seller. It features 10 stunning colors. Launched by Nadine Nassib Njeim in 2017, this collection is popular across the globe.

Bella Glow Collection: Another best-seller from Bella lenses. Launched by Maya Diab, this collection comes in nine colors, ranging from vivid bold colors to natural shades.

Bella Diamond Collection: This collection was launched before Elite and Glow, but still has a huge fan following. Launched by the famous Kim Kardashian, this collection comes in seven dazzling colors that will transform your look.

Bella Contour Collection: This collection features five beautiful shades that are designed to enlarge your eyes. Each of the five colored lenses in this collection come with a strong limbal ring that defines the contour of your eyes, making them stand out and get noticed.

Bella Natural Collection: Featuring 9 exciting colors, this is one of the earlier collections from Bella, that is still popular for its natural look.

Other collections from Bella include Bella EleganceBella High Light and Bella Snow White

How are Bella Natural contacts sold?

These colored contact lenses are sold as a pack of 2 lenses. They are also available with and without powers/grades. Check your most recent medical prescription before selecting the correct power. Customers who do not require vision correction and would like to wear the lenses for cosmetic use should select Plano as a power option.

How long can Bella Natural contact lenses be worn for?

These colored lenses can be worn daily for up to three months. Make sure to keep your lenses clean and store them safely every night after removing them.

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