The Switch To A Life Sans-Specs

While eyeglasses have a long list of benefits - namely that they're cheap(er), extremely accessible and often a chic fashion accessory - let's admit it, they can be awfully inconvenient.

  • "Playing tennis while wearing glasses just don't work"
  • "I left my glasses in the taxi on the way home"
  • "My two-year-old stepped on my glasses"
  • "My glasses get dirty so quickly and are a headache to clean"
  • "I feel like glasses cover most of my face"
  • "I put my glasses in the bathroom and now I can't see!"

Sound familiar? It’s clearly time to go sans specs and make the switch to a life of lenses.

Apart from not having to worry about the things mentioned above, contact lenses have a number of benefits. For starters, because contact lenses sit directly on your eye, you get complete vision without limitations.

On top of this, contact lenses aren’t affected by the weather. This means no foggy vision when you enter a warmer space and no drops obscuring your vision when you’re caught in the rain. You can now also enjoy more physically intense activities, as unlike glasses, contact lenses don’t bounce up and down or slip off. They don’t interfere with your headgear for active sports and once they’re in you don’t have to worry about losing them or breaking them.

Ladies you also have another benefit; in a specs free world, you have no more marks on your nose and your make up is safe.

Ready to make the switch?

You’ll be happy to know that making the switch is actually a relatively simple affair. The first thing to do is go see your eye doctor. They will help you determine if contacts are right for you and educate you on wearing and caring for them properly. Once you have all the information from them, you’re all set to order your first pair of contact lenses from

I’ve got my first pair of contact lenses but…

·        "They take too long to put in, in the morning”

·        “My eyes feel as dry as a desert”

·        “I can’t get them out”

Yes, the first time wearing contact lenses can leave you with a list of frustrations and you might even want to switch back, which of course you can do. But the truth is, just like everything good in life – requires patience, contact lenses are the same and your eyes will take a while to adapt to the switch.

Two things that do help make the switch as smooth as possible are using rewetting drops – this alleviates dryness and slowly increasing the number of hours a day you wear your lenses.

Ultimately the decision to make the switch is yours, but we hope this helps you in your decision-making process!

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