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Worry no more about irritating, hard-to-wear contact lenses as Precision1 makes your life easier everyday with daily-disposable lenses with something a ‘lil extra.’ An increasingly popular eyewear brand among customers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and the rest of UAE & GCC

Precison1 utilizes SMARTSURFACE Technology that ensures the lens surface always contains moisture, so as to not dry out your eyes. What more do you need aside dependable comfort, precise vision and easy handling of your lenses? Formulated as a daily disposable lens, you get to wear a fresh new pair everyday. Upon testing, 5 times more lens wearers prefer Precision1 due to its comfort and feel on the eyes. What’s more exciting? Precision 1 promotes sun protection, and hence possesses the highest level of UV protection available for daily disposable lenses

Precision1 is among our top contact lenses products that are committed to developing comfortable daily eyewear. Choose between Precision1 Pack of 30 daily disposable lenses, or if you want a lasting stock, purchase the Precision1 Pack of 90 daily disposable lenses

سوكير السعودية يعرض 3 منتج في فئة بريسيجن1. هذه المجموعة مؤهلة للشحن السريع في جميع أنحاء المملكة، بما في ذلك الرياض وجدة ومكة المكرمة والمدينة المنورة والخبر والدمام والكثير. نحن نقبل الدفع بالريال السعودي ونقدم الدفع اونلاين وكذلك الدفع عند التسليم.