Ducray is a skin and haircare brand of the Pierre Fabre Group that develops strictly clinically proven products designed to address physiological conditions of the hair, body and scalp. A top choice among customers in UAE & KSA

This innovative brand all began with a man who changed the way haircare products were viewed. Albert Ducray, a hairdresser in France noticed how soap powders, which were used back then as shampoos, played a major negative role in damaged and dry hair among customers in a French salon. Ducray, the son of a dermatologist, wanted to develop a shampoo that respected the physiological balance of the hair and scalp, and so he did.

90 years later, Ducray stands as proof of numerous clinical trials and tests to create products that do not harm the skin, hair and scalp with scientific innovations. The brand did not and still has not stopped from conducting dermatological research that ensures the existence of safe products for everyone. Icytane and Keracnyl, developed by Ducray, is now of the most popular products in the world frequently prescribed by doctors for dry and acne-prone skin respectively

Ducray has a wide range of personal care products covering face care, body care and hair care that respect the skin and hair’s physiological balance. Some of their bestsellers include Ducray Dexyane MeD Repair Cream, Ducray Nutricerat Mask and Ducray Kertyol P.S.O Kerato Reducing Treatment Shampoo

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