ReNu MultiPlus Contact Lenses Solution by Bausch + Lomb rejuvenates and hydrates your contacts. Popular among customers in Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, USA, UAE and the rest of Middle East

ReNu MultiPlus Contact Lenses Solution is a product of Bausch + Lomb that will make you feel as though your same old pair of contact lenses are new every day – and who doesn’t love the feeling and comfort that a fresh new pair of contacts gives you? This solution disinfects your contact lenses, catering to sensitive eyes. Its disinfecting feature also simultaneously fights unwanted germs and altogether while preventing irritation, provides comfort throughout the day with reusable lens. A clinically-proven solution with safe ingredients that additionally ensure effective protein removal from the eyes, altogether guaranteeing clear vision

ReNu MultiPlus Contact Lenses Solution can be found under Contact Lenses in different sizes that aid in providing you with an unbeatable, one-of-a-kind vision experience.

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